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Asterix (Character)

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Abba nackt asterix

Abba nackt asterix

Abba nackt asterix

Abba nackt asterix

Besides chasing girls, he's into hi-tech, nightlife, and dancing and he's a vegetarian, much to the dismay of Obelix, who can't get him to try wild boar.

  • Relationships with Women Although no romantic interest has been introduced for Asterix as of yet, it seems obvious that Asterix is more susceptible to the charms of women than his best friend, Obelix.

  • Cryptograf secretly rigs up a rope to Justforkix allowing him to be suspended in the foggy air, convincing the Vikings that he really can fly.

Dann setz dich halt hin! At the time of their engagement, Ulvaeus was working with a songwriter named Benny Andersson.

  • Kate was less aggressive in the dating department.

  • Wills was every English girl's dream and was even carrying on lusty emails with President George W.

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