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Hatsu haru

Haru hatsu Hatsu Haru

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Haru hatsu Hatsu*Haru GN

Haru hatsu ‎Hatsu*Haru, Vol.

Haru hatsu Hatsuharu Sohma

Haru hatsu

Haru hatsu

Haru hatsu

Haru hatsu

Haru hatsu

Haru hatsu


  • The focus then shifts to Misaki and Ayumi.

  • Rather than being happy, Haru expresses that it was sad in its own way.

Since she has had such strong feelings for an unrequited love, along with barely getting along with Kai in the first place, it makes sense why she would be so quick to dismiss his confession.

  • He has a reputation in the family for being somewhat stupid, and blamed ; the Rat, for it when he was a child.

  • You cannot afford to give this title a miss! This one is a little harder only because it could be solved easily by the main character using their words, but again I will defend it.

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